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Having better customer and prospect data will make your marketing campaigns convert better and it will give you the data to prove it. Momentera offers products and services to improve all parts of your marketing data. We specialize in Martech stacks built around Adobe Marketo Engage.


Restore overwritten data in Marketo with Reverto. If you have a data mishap, Reverto will get your overwritten data back. Hire us directly, or ask your Marketo consulting firm (we work with many of them).


Export Marketo Assets to a CSV file, such as emails, landing pages, forms etc. Please contact us for export of other Marketo data, such as person records, activities, memberships and more, one-time or ongoing.

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Custom Connectors

We have Fivetran Custom connectors for systems that don't have a standard Fivetran connector, and supplemental connectors for tables that are not part of the regular connectors, such as for Marketo Assets.


Data Architecture

We can help you improve your customer and prospect data flows, including data from back-end systems, creation of unified customer profiles, bidirectional sync with data warehouses, etc.

Data Integration

We can help gather requirements for integrations, designing the integration, helping your team build it, or we can build it for you.

Custom Development

Data syncs, Webhooks or Self-Service Flow Steps, custom CRM sync, email scripting, Data Warehouse integrations and more.

Martech System Expertise
  • Marketing Automation: Adobe Marketo Engage
  • CRM:, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and vertical/specialty CRMs
  • Modern Data Stack: Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, dbt, Fivetran, Flywheel Software
  • CDP: Twilio Segment, Tealium
  • Clouds: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
  • Many other Martech systems…

Our Work

Retail Bank - Data Warehouse Integration
Marketo and Snowflake integration, using a Modern Data Stack, including Fivetran, dbt, Flywheel Software, Tealium, etc. Enhance data quality in Marketo, to enable accurate customer campaigns.
Healthcare company - Marketo data export
Export Marketo email activity for compliance purposes going back to 2012. This used Marketo's REST API and included creative strategies to circumvent the limitations of Marketo's data retention policy.
Retail Bank - CRM & Data Warehouse Integration
Integrate Marketo with a custom CRM and a data warehouse, to be able to run highly personalized prospect and client email nurture campaigns.
Online publisher - custom CRM sync
Built the advertiser prospect lifecycle from website form to Marketo to assigning leads to a sales rep in Pipeline CRM.
Healthcare company - Marketo Webhook
Create a custom Marketo Webhook to manage duplicates for two different business units in different Partitions. As a result, Marketing managers in each business unit know whether the other business unit is also marketing to the same person.
Recruitment company - Data Warehouse Sync
Implementation of a data warehouse and sync of rich customer data to Marketo, including Product-led Growth (PLG) product usage data. Performance optimization of a very large marketo instance (40+ million records).


Momentera was founded by Jep Castelein, who has been a marketing technology consultant since 2009. After working at Marketo and then as an independent consultant, Jep noticed that many companies were unable to run the campaigns they wanted because of incomplete and inaccurate customer and prospect data. Everyone says “high-quality data is important to run effective campaigns”, but there are lots of challenges to accomplish that goal. Momentera offers products and services that make managing marketing data easier.

Reverto restores your Marketo data Dataketo exports your Marketo data

Blog Articles


How to Restore Overwritten Data in Marketo

Bad things happen. Such as accidentally overwriting thousands of records in Marketo due to a faulty list upload. Or a rogue API integration. Or a Smart Campaign that wasn’t tested properly. This article explains how you can get your data back.

How to Automate Marketo Migrations

Marketo Migrations are time-consuming and don’t drive any immediate revenue. Unfortunately, they are sometimes needed, like when you change CRM systems or merge companies. Automated migrations are faster, cheaper, more accurate and actually bring over more details than manual migrations.



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