Dataketo Pro: Marketo Asset Export


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Dataketo Pro syncs your Marketo Assets to a database, where you can:

  • Answer Any Marketo Question
  • Do Comprehensive Reporting
  • Create a Full Marketo Backup

Answer Any Marketo Question

Having all your Marketo Assets in a database let's you answer questions like:

  • Know where a particular token is used
  • See which fields are used on forms, and how frequently
  • Check the naming convention for all assets
  • Ensure Tags are applied correctly to all programs
  • Make sure all programs have specific tokens
  • Identify errors in Smart Lists
  • Report on picklist values in Smart Lists
  • See which emails a particular 'from' address is used in
  • How many emails have been created in a particular time frame

Whether you get questions about Marketo from your VP or from a marketing operations manager, often it's a matter of quickly creating a report and you have the answer.

Comprehensive Reporting

If you're using a data warehouse for reporting, having all Marketo Assets available will provide a lot more depth to those reports, like:

  • Group email performance reports by Tags or Tokens
  • Show the subject, “from” address or even a preview in email reports
  • Understand the folder structure in Marketo, so you know which business unit or region a Program belongs to
  • See on which landing pages the same Form is being used

Dataketo Pro is a great complement to the main Fivetran Marketo Connector, which exports Leads and Activities, but only very few assets.

Full Marketo Backup

Marketo's Audit Trail is great at showing who made certain changes, but it doesn't get your deleted or modified assets back.

  • At a schedule of your choice, the Asset Connector exports all changed assets
  • Deleted assets and deleted elements (smart list rules, email modules) are marked as “deleted” but are still available for restore
  • Use Fivetran's own 'Marketo' connector to get Lead and Activity backups

Hopefully you don't need it much, but the peace of mind that you can get your assets back is invaluable. It can also be used to implement compliance requirements.

How to Get Started

Currently, Dataketo Pro is in public beta. Please email to get your connection details. You can review the Dataketo Pro Setup Guide to read up on the configuration process. It is a connector that works with the free and paid plans of Fivetran.


Currently, Dataketo Pro is in beta and can be used free of charge by beta participants. Once the beta is complete, we'll charge a reasonable fixed monthly fee per Marketo instance. We can't tell you the exact fee yet, but it'll be something you can put on a credit card and expense, rather than having to go through a lengthy budget approval process.


To read more about Dataketo Pro, please read the setup documentation, or take a look at the ER diagram which shows the tables that are exported from Marketo.